Chromasoma Jeans Company

Senior Project at Auburn University.

Senior Project required that we invent a company and design its identity. My project is Chromasoma. It is a womens' jeans manufacturer who sizes jeans based on waist, hip, and inseam inch measurments rather than the standard sizes already available. Each woman's genes define her body and personality, so Chromasoma uses a woman's genes to design their jeans. No woman should be made to feel that her body is irregular or undesirable just because their proportions don't fit the average standards. Chromas make a woman proud of her figure and encourage her not to be held back by her self consciousness. 
The entire company exists online-hypothetically-because it would be impossible for a store to hold all of the different inch measurment sizes. Therefore, all of the pieces are given to the customer in a shipping kit inside the box their jeans come in. The included contents are a monthly catalogue, founders booklet, business cards for an assigned sales representative, and a personalized letter.
Below is the catalogue shown in the shipping kit above. All of the photography is original. The inch measurements of each girl are represented on each page, but your jeans are about the woman not just her numbers. The descriptive words are representative of them expressing themselves.
Below is the website interface.
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