Hi, I'm Emily and here's my work.

Watercolor Typography
Animals in Watercolor
Ivy & Hunt – Wedding Print Pieces
Morgan & Zach – Wedding Print Pieces
Molly & Jeremy – Wedding Print Pieces
Madeline & Luke – Wedding Print Pieces
Kayla & Parker – Wedding Print Pieces
Antique Bridal Shower
Watercolor Portraiture, Kiddos
Youth Caravan T-shirt
Logo Design
Chromasoma Jeans Company
Lifestyle Photography
Web Design | Nashville Originals
Book Design | Queen of Cakes
Non-profit Design
Graphic Design and Religion
Self Identity
Auburn Housing Authority
Risk Watches
Campus Ministry Association Card
The Sketchbook Project
The Knotted Inn
Wesley 75th Anniversary Identity
Exercise Illustration
Auburn Wesley Foundation T-shirt
Self Portrait
Watercolor Portraiture
Children's Book Illustration
College Miscellaneous Fine Arts
Surreal Illustration
The Little Mermaid
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